Xristos Panagiotou


Christos Panayiotou is a visual artist and researcher at the Lab for Animation Research (LAR) of the Department of Fine Arts, School of Fine and Applied Arts, Cyprus University of Technology. He holds a BA in Multimedia and Graphic Arts and an MA in Interactive Multimedia from the Department of Applied Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology. He also holds a Ph.D. in Communication from the Department of Communication and Internet Studies of the Cyprus University of Technology.

His Ph.D. thesis examined how the psychoanalytic concept of neurosis can also be used to explain and examine collective phenomena and cultural narratives such as nationalism.

His main artistic and academic interests revolve around the notion of space in topological terms describing psychological and political structures. Specifically, he examines boundaries, and borders as transitional spaces, the notion of liminality, infinity, loops in spaces, and the Möbius strip as a topological manifestation of psychological and political structures and narratives.

Christos Panayiotou also works as a digital artist and illustrator with participation in exhibitions in Cyprus and Germany.