The main research of the lab is to examine the relationship between the construction of space and time in animation in relation to the narrative and the aesthetic creation of animation as a visual medium as well as a social and cultural practice. LAR has three parameters within which it is directed: i) the cinematic framework, ii) the theoretical/philosophical framework, iii) the artistic framework.

The first framework explores the filmic time and space, the character development in animated films, and different modes of storytelling. All these are studied in relation to the means of creation of the visual content and the technologies through which the visual composition of the animation can be created. Currently, we study the notion of the “filmic instant” in animation and the notion of animation looping sequences as factors that influence and determine both the visual impact of animation and its narrative content.

The second parameter explores the philosophical implications of the construction of space in visual composition and the relationship of their construction to broader philosophical and social-historical parameters. For example, the relationship between the linear construction of space and time and the relationship of this condition to concepts such as self and alterity and how these emerge in narrative content in animation are currently being examined. This section also theoretically examines the reconstruction of space and time based on topological transformations, and how this reconstruction affects the way the narrative is structured.

In the third parameter, the artistic property of animation is examined and how animation can be used as an artistic medium that can express, describe or contemplate the viewer through artistic practices.

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