Following the multilayered digital frame logic, we aim to create a narrative within a single frame of a film (i.e., a 1/25 of a second). The animation frame components and the space around them is examined as potential filming spaces and therefore, digital cinematography practices can be applied within. A single digital multilayered frame (or “working file”) from a commercial animated movie  will be used for these experiments. This approach will examine the new technical potentials of animation film and the philosophical and even the political allusions that arise.


This project’s implementation requires the acquisition of a single frame from a commercial animated movie. The file must include all layers with their components such as characters, filters, graphics etc. Any licenses must be acquired to have the permission to alter and evolve the frame into new film footages.

What we expect to find:

 In this project, we expect to experiment with how a bit of an animated movie’s flow can create new narratives and animated stories. The abovementioned project has technical, perceptual, and philosophical implications and references. For example, it opens up a space of new possibilities embedded within a single frame of an already existent animated film. A narrative can be analyzed to autonomous bits of information that exist within an organized set of frames that structure a narrative. The same bit of information can be extracted from its original setting and create a different set of animated forms with different narratives. Results may be presented or directed as video art or film.

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