Lab for Animation Research


Lab for Animation Research (LAR) operates as a research center for studying the artistic and scientific parameters of animation. Specifically, LAR operates as a lab within the Department of Fine Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology and aims to study the artistic possibilities, and the theoretical aspects of animation. LAR uses a wide range of digital and “traditional” technologies and artistic practices as methods to experiment, study and develop innovative, expressive methods for creating animation artworks.


Toy Story becomes the first commercial digital animation to be published


Charles-Émile Reynaud further developed his projection praxinoscope into the Théâtre Optique with transparent hand-painted colorful pictures in a long perforated strip wound between two spools,


French inventor Charles-Émile Reynaud developed the praxinoscope. It has twelve rectangular mirrors placed evenly around the center of the cylinder. Each mirror reflects another image of the picture strip placed opposite on the inner wall of the cylinder. When rotating the praxinoscope shows the sequential images one by one, resulting in fluid animation.


The phénakisticope was the first animation device using rapid successive substitution of sequential pictures.


The first thaumatrope was created and published by W. Phillips and became a popular toy.